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This twelve-month program is post-shelter housing (Crisis House) and moves families from dependency and abuse to a safe, self-sustaining lifestyle by providing housing, financial help, and mentoring.

Along with the SI North San Diego Club, members come together to subsidize, furnish, clean and decorate each apartment. This includes not only beds, couches, tables, chairs, televisions, and vacuums, but a fully stocked food pantry, linens, kitchen items, and cleaning supplies.

While participating in the program, most women participate in higher education or job training. Upon graduation from our program, the family moves into their own apartment, often in the same community where they have become established, and they can take everything with them.

The Poway and North San Diego Clubs have been helping Domestic Violence Survivors reclaim their lives in a positive, supportive environment since 1997.  We have assisted 80 families, 192 children to date and many are waiting. 

It costs approximately $12,500 annually to support one family in the program. The success of this program would not be possible without the generosity of our Hats & Heels sponsors, community groups, and numerous individuals. Our sincere appreciation to all involved for their continuing support.

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